Programming with C – Basics – Lecture 1

  • Language & Programming Language
  • About C
  • Character Set, Identifiers & Statements
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Input Output Functions
  • Basic Programming Examples

What is Language

Language is a way of Communication Between Two like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil etc.

If we want to communicate other then our own languages then we can communicate in either of two ways

– Either Learn

– Use Translator

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Programming Language

Way of Communication between Human and Computer like Machine language, Assembly Language, High Level Language.

Machine Language and Assembly Languages are low level languages because these don’t work like our own languages.

High level languages(HLL) works like our own languages like Hindi, English and others that’s why these are known as HLL.

Introduction to C

C is a Programming Language. C Language is a High Level Language (because it works like natural language). Here we uses English like statements. C Language also have a properties of low level languages That’s why some of us says – This is Middle Level Language.

Character Set /Alphabet

First Thing we learned in any language is Alphabets – Similarly in Programming Languages is Character Set.

C character Set includes alphabets like a-z, A-Z, Digits like 0-9, special symbols like !, @, #, $, %, …….-, + etc., and some other characters which are not available on keyboard <=, >=, !=, == etc.

Print Characters- which are known as Escape sequences like ‘\n’, ‘\t’, ‘\b’ etc…


Second thing we always learn in any language are words. Similarly we learn here in C. Here we say words as Identifiers and Reserve words.

Identifier Gagan, Rajesh, Saminder, Meenu, etc. are our names which identifies us, and some other names are like Table, chair, Fan, Tube which we always we are using for some objects. First Type of Identifiers are known as Variable in any Language or we can say in C and second type of names are known as Constants.

Some other words are known as Standard words like min, max etc.

Sentences / Statement

Third thing we learn in any language are sentences, here in programming these are known as statements. Statements are the instructions given to the computer to perform any kind of action. Statements form the smallest executable unit within a C++ program.

As sentences terminated by some full stop(., I), similarly, Statements are terminated with a semicolon (;)

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