Software Quality Assurance Plans & Project Monitoring Plans

What is Quality?

žThe American Heritage Dictionary defines Quality as a characteristic or attribute of something.

žAs an attribute of an item, quality refers to measurable characteristics – things we are able to compare to known standards such as length, color, electrical properties, and malleability.

žQuality of design refers to the characteristics that designers specify for an item. The grade of materials, tolerances, and performance specifications all contribute to the quality of design.

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Software Project Planning – IV : Software Configuration Management

žWhen we develop a software,then the product (software) undergoes many changes in their maintenance phase,  we need to handle these changes effectively.

žHowever, several individual (programs) works together to achieve this common goal.  These individual produces several work product (SC Items) for example intermediate version of modules or test data used during debugging, part of final product.

žThe item that comprise all information produced as part of the software process are collectively called a software configuration.

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Software Project Planning – III : Personnel Planning

žPersonnel planning basically deals with staffing. Therefore before going to personnel planning, first of all we discuss Staffing.

žStaffing deals with the hiring personnel for the position that are identified by the organizational structure.

žIt involves
  • ždefining requirements for personnel.
  • žrecruiting (identifying, interviewing and selecting candidates).
  • žcompensating. also
  • ždeveloping and promoting employees.

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Software Project Planning – II : Risk Management & Project Scheduling

žRisk concerns future happenings. Tomorrow’s problems are today’s risk.

žHence, a simple definition of a “risk” is a problem that could cause some loss or threaten the success of the project, but with has not happened yet.

žThese potential problems might have an adverse impact on cost, schedule, or technical success of the project, the quality of our software products, or project team morale.

žRisk management is the process of identifying addressing and eliminating these problems before they can damage the project.

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Software Project Planning – I : COCOMO & Putnam

Planning a Software Project

žPlanning is perhaps the most important  activity of management.

  • žThe basic goal of planning is to find the activity which is to be performed for completing  a project.
  • žMoreover, a good plan is that which can handle all the uncertain event which can occur during the development of project.
  • žWe also can say that,  A good planning helps in good decision making.
  • Hence, žLack of planning is a primary cause of schedule slippage, cost overruns, poor quality, and high maintenance costs for software.

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